The house:







Shaded, cool garden


Place for cars (not only one)

Closable, safe garage










Street view







Panorama picture about the building





Big terrace












           Large hallway with big wardrobe and comfortable bench accept our guest by the entry



  Entry into the hallway

hallway - into the living room

hallway from the living room









           The kitchen is equipped with gas stove and modern machines: dishwasher, microwave, coffe and tea machine. The dinner and pot
           set serve for a bigger family too. I ensure kitchen towel, garbage bag for our guests.


 Gas stove with extractor fan

Coffee, tea machine, microwave, induction hot plate and everything what is necessary

equipped dishwasher










           The spacious diner provide for 6 persones comfortable eating opportunity or playing card, chess games.
           In the diner there is a 230 liter refrigerant and a separeted 60 liter deep freezer.







   Diner from the kitchen

Diner from the entry

 Comfortable corner sofa

fridge and separate freezer 50l







         Living room:


           In the spacious living room is available a leder sofa for the stay in day and in the evening time.
           The Tv is equipped with satellite.


Real leder sofe for 6 persone


Tv with satellite







           Bath and shower:


           The house has two bathrooms. The first one has shower, handwasher and wc and the other one has a beautiful bathtub,
           handwasher and wc also.







Marvellous bathtub with wc










Shower with Bide and WC and  washing machine









           The 3 bedrooms provide convenient sleep for every member of the family during the night.
           The rooms has LCD tv-s with satellites.


The biggest adult bedroom

from inside








 Double bed room, big size 2x2 metre mattress, with LED TV                            Twisted TV , you can watch it from the diner!                   









The other double bed room











           Our wellness service contain a infra cabine. 2 persone can use in the same time.
           The infra sauna is suitable for olders and who has heart problems too, because do not harm human body.
             - Saunas relieve stress.
             - Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joint
             - Saunas flush toxins.
             - Sauna cleanses the skin.
             - Saunas can induce a deeper sleep.
             - Saunas bring about recreational and social benefits.
             - Saunas improve cardiovascular performance.
             - Saunas burn calories.
             - Saunas can help fight illness.
             - Saunas just feel good.







Infra one

 Infra for two persones

Infra two











Automatically guided,adjustable time and degreee








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